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When stress, trauma, or overuse of specific muscles occurs, the body, often times “shuts down” these muscles. Through the revolutionary approach of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), we focus first to rebuild and restore your body’s muscular system, bringing back the balance and communication that was lost.


Whether you are preparing for an athletic event, looking to improve performance  for a sport, wanting to regain your fitness following an injury, or just wanting to look and feel your best, (and not sure where to start), a custom strength training program will be created for you.  No matter where you’re starting from, I provide SAFE & EFFICIENT workouts that give you the greatest opportunity for change, without having to spend too much of your free time in the gym. 


Enjoy doing what you love the most in life, pain-free, and without the frustration of any limitations. My goal is to help you to maintain lifelong muscle and joint health. Exercise is not a program, but rather a LIFELONG process. 

Find Out What MAT Is All About

Find Out What MAT Is All About

What They Say

“I was looking for a trainer and course of treatment after a ruptured rotator cuff. Michael worked on my shoulder with Muscle Activation Techniques training. The first few weeks were amazing! I went from constant pain to occasional pain when I jerked my shoulder around. Now, we’re starting to getting back in shape. I highly recommend him.”

Gail G.

“I have a very complicated case and he has helped me not only feel better, but understand my body better. I have tried everything from PT to drugs to acupuncture and this style of therapy has been the most effective.”

Mark T.

“I really like how Michael makes sure you are doing workouts and exercises customized for your body and level of strength, and that you are doing them correctly. He is really great at explaining the benefits of each exercise he has you doing. Overall, he is just very knowledgeable about what you can do to build strength and get the most out of working out.”

Samantha N.


It’s time to start thinking about exercise in a way to promote health, not to deteriorate it.”

I have always considered myself an athlete, spending a large portion of my life training to get the most out of my body, yet, I hadn’t realized what really mattered the most, in terms of true exercise, strength, and health. With MAT, I can help you rebuild and strengthen your body. Together, we will examine your physical limitations and I will assess the areas, that with work, will catapult you into true optimal strength and health.


Michael Lingenfelter

MAT Certified Specialist, ISSA Personal Trainer

I’ve always enjoyed being active and participating in sports. For those who know me, know I enjoy making a competition out of anything. From playing baseball through high school, to dancing professionally in Los Angeles for 5+ years, being in the best physical shape possible was a necessity. Like most athletes, I was always trying to figure out ways to perform and train around my injuries, but they would always seem to be lurking in the shadows, making their appearance now and again. This would put a halt on my progress and get in the way of being able to perform at my highest level.

As a personal trainer, I would see the same issues with many of my clients. People would come in wanting to get stronger, lose weight, etc, but we would have to work around their limitations. With some, I would see their body taking steps in a positive direction, while others it would seem they would take a step back.

Should we have to “work around” our limitations and injuries? How do we know that what we are doing for exercise is doing what it’s supposed to be doing? Why is it that no matter what it seems we do to try to feel better, that tightness in our body seems to stay tight, or just get tighter?

MAT began to answer a lot of these questions for me. After going through a few treatments, I knew there was something different, something that made sense to this process.





Treating the Source, not the Symptom

MAT was founded on the principle that human movement and exercise are fundamental to your health and that a muscle’s ability to contract efficiently is important for normal movement. Any loss of your ability to efficiently contract a muscle may be demonstrated as a loss of motion and decreased physical performance, which may lead to pain and/or the loss of physical capabilities. MAT is a specific and unique process for evaluating your ability to develop efficient muscle contractions by comparing left and right side range of motion, as the human body is designed to be symmetrical.


Tapping Into Your True Potential

What if you were only using a small percentage of your body’s potential? What if you could flip a switch to give you more motion.. more strength.. more freedom?

With MAT, we have the ability to determine through testing whether or not a muscle has lost its ability to contract. If it has, precise forces are applied to restore that muscle’s efficiency. When muscles are efficiently working, you will have more motion and more strength capabilities (turning the switch ON). This means you may be only functioning at a small fraction of what you have lying dormant inside.


Redefining the Exercise Process

SAFE and EFFICIENT are the main focus of my exercise programs. I have tailored programs so that busy professionals can achieve amazing results safely and without the unreal time commitment that often wrecks most aspiring fitness individuals.

In a world of people trying to find out how much exercise their body “can stand”, I continue to focus on how little exercise we really need. How can we get the greatest improvement, spending the least amount of time doing it? You will be surprised…

In no time at all, you will be performing your daily activities with ease, whether that means throwing 100 yard passes or walking up the stairs!

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