My Process

Initial Consultation


Your journey begins with a complimentary initial consultation. This is a 30-60 minute session where you get the opportunity to share your goals/needs and ask questions. This first meeting will allow us to determine if this could be a good fit. If it looks like it will be a good fit, we will schedule a follow-up full assessment.


The Assessment


Imagine you have driven over 100,000 miles on your car and this is the first time you have taken it to the mechanic. It would be safe to say there is probably a lot of issues going on under the hood you may not be aware of. But where do we begin?

The second step in the process is a 1-2 hour full body assessment. During this step, we begin to take a look at your body’s limitations that may be holding you back and/or causing you pain/tightness. This consists of an in-depth health history analysis, postural examination, and range of motion evaluation.

Using Greg Roskof’s Muscle Activation Techniques, I check each joint’s quality of motion, and the total amount of motion in the body, to determine your neuromuscular system’s efficiency at generating force and controlling your joints. This will depend on how much stress, trauma, and overuse your body has accumulated over the years. We can only determine what approach is right for YOU, by gathering all of this information. Your road-map will be dependent on your body’s state and limitations found in the assessment.

After the assessment is complete, you’ll come back to review the results, along with your plan.


The Plan

If you found out your car was in horrible shape and needed a lot of work before you could safely drive again, would you ignore it and take it on the freeway at 100mph?

Thanks to our assessment, we have an understanding of the current state of your physiology (what is is not running the way it should in your body). Your new plan will include not only the needs/wants you discussed in the initial consultation but may include needs you did not know you had. Our goal is to create a plan that will address these issues so that we can progress and transition to exercise safely.

We are preparing ourselves for exercise… fine tuning “our car” so we can drive it anywhere.


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